Favero Assioma Duo with kickr core no speed etc

Hi all.

I have been using kickr core as my trainer and getting the speed and watts from it to my Garmin F5 as well as to TR. I also use ant+ hr and cad/spd to get all the data.

Today I installed the Favero Assioma Duo power meter pedals. I was bit surprised about the fluctuating power when I was used to the straight line of Kickr core. Well I think this is normal.

The problem is that if I use the powermatch with TR or if I use Assioma duo to record power to F5 I will not get any speed data. I know that the speed is irrelevant indoors but I still would like to get it.

What should I do so I could use my pedals power indoors so it would match the power when I move outdoors? And get the speed data to my Garmin and Strava?

Could I connect the kick core and Assioma as powermeter to my Garmin to get speed from kickr and power from Assioma?

Have you tested them already outside or with a headhunting like Garmin? It’s important that you have configured them correctly, means connect left one first then right. I do use them outside and with Zwift and also had used them with the Kickr without trouble and nearly similar numbers for wattage and cadence.

  • Nope, not “normal” (by that I mean “realistic”). In fact, the Wahoo power is quite fake (excessively and unnaturally smoothed).
  • https://youtu.be/7L7hfT0I7E0
  • The power you see from your pedals is actually what is happening. We are not machines and do not produce power as smooth as the fake setting via Wahoo.

No, not yet tested them outside. Got them during winter and still 15cm of snow on the driveways.

I have set them to send data from left pedal only.
However I don’t think the problem is with the pedals. The problem is if connect with Favero as power to Garmin F5 there is no way it will get the speed since there is no speed source.

And I can’t seem to be able to connect the kickr as well as the faveros to F5.

If I use Kickr and faveros with powermatch in TR I will get the same watts indoors and outdoors. But I won’t get the same power, speed data and pedaling efficiency to Garmin. I could just sync the rides from TR to Garmin but some of the data won’t sync. (Training effect etc.)

Yes. What I meant was that it is normal for the power to be not as “smooth” when using pedal based power. I know that faveros will be more “real” compared to kickr power.

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Yes, totally normal. Watch the video I linked to see why.

Yes. The power graph is not the problem. It’s more the fact that I can’t get speed to Garmin and strava if I use faveros as power source to Garmin.

With kickr I get somekind speed estimate. I don’t mind the distance etc but the problem with Garmin and indoor cycling is that it will show that the “moving time” etc is 0min since I’m not “moving”.

I was simply clarifying the implied question about the power data.

I have no suggestion for speed. I simply ignore it and have no suggestion for that. You can search, as this comes up about once a month, and there may be suggestions in those prior threads.

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After some searching it looks like that to be able to connect kickr and power to same device it should be able to connect with fe-c to kickr and with power channel to pedals. F5+ doesn’t support fe-c.
I’ll see if I can find a workaround.


Did my workout today morning with Edge 820 connected to Kickr via fe-c channel and Faveros via power channel. Got the speed and power at same time. Fe-c doesn’t seem to understand wahoos “simulated erg speed” but I’m happy with this to at least get the Garmin “moving” by the “flywheel speed”.

I had TR connected to only to kickr core and it run to workout and recorded the power from kickr.

Right now I’m not sure did I remembered to change the crank length to the Edge but at least the power was quite close. Haven’t taken a closer look but the avg power was within 1W and NP was of by 5W between the TR/Kickr and Garmin/Faveros.
Spikes etc of course were higher apart but that was expected.

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For fuck sake - that’s it! It’s because TR connects through FE-C and the Garmin doesn’t, that the Garmin reads the simulated speed. Btw you can turn off the super smooth readings from the Kickr in the Wahoo app, which I’d recommend (if you should ride without the pedals).


I think we just figured out the previous problem from the other thread as well. :wink:


Soooo I just connected through my phone yesterday (ran the workout on the phone rather than the PC), and when I did that the simulated speed worked like a charm. It’s still FE-C, it’s still controlling the resistance/ERG. I have no idea what the hell is happening.

I did a ride today morning with Android connected to Kickr via I guess BT (I think TR takes BT if available) and phone to hr and cadence via ant+.
I also did Edge 820 to kickr via FE-C and favero assiomas to Edge 820 via ant+ power channel. Also had the hr etc connected to the Edge 820 as well.

I enabled the simulated speed and disabled the power smoothing.
Strava has the ride from TR and the simulated speed works there.
Garmin connect has only the speed from “flywheel”.
Both Garmin and TR are set to sync to Strava but only the one with TR stats gets pushed. Maybe because the ride ends and sync faster than Garmin since I have to stop and save it “manually”.

I’ll try using the phone again next time (weather is nice so the the weekend rides might be done outside), and I’ll update again. But I did notice that the phone used both BT and ANT+ to connect to the Kickr.

Yes, that’s what I have been seeing too. I think it will use the BT first and ant+ if the BT doesn’t work.