How should I record my outside rides?

I just started one of the polarized plans. My plan is to do the two hard/interval sessions inside on the trainer and then the rest of my ‘endurance/z2’ rides outside.

My strava account is hooked up to my TR account. Can I just do these outside days via strava and they will automatically get factored into my TR training plan or will TR treat these days as incomplete?

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If you want your outside workouts to “count” in the current system, you need to follow the Outside Workout process:

Thanks @mcneese.chad ! I’ve set those workouts to be ‘outside’ per the instructions you kindly provided.

So my next workout (outside) says…

Main Set:

  • Settle into 60 minutes at 188 watts."
    TSS 25

What will TR be looking at when I post my external ride (via Strava)?
Let’s say for instance the ride ends up being 2 hours with and average power of 185w and a TSS of 42. Will that count as complete?

  • Sadly, at present… TR treats these as a simple “Pass or Fail” and you set that with your rating when you follow the instructions, after the ride gets imported into your TR calendar.

  • There is no “intelligence” looking for how closely you did or didn’t follow the workout plan. That is part of a new feature that is not released, called Workout Levels Version 2.

Until that is released, we have this partial solution that is not great if/when you deviate from the planned workout.


Hey SaffaSurfer I can’t help but answer the question in your thread title with a poll:

How should I record my outside rides?

  • on a bike computer
  • on a phone app (e.g. Strava, RWGPS, etc)
  • on a sports watch
  • after the ride open my log book and write down the time I rode plus RPE
  • write down the number of bananas/gels/bottles I needed to consume on the ride, to stop me from eating all the cookies in the kitchen after the ride!

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Happy Monday!


So I did my first outdoor workout today and TR automatically accepted it and even suggested some changes through AT.

Just for clarity, I didn’t load a TR workout onto my Garmin, I just recorded a regular ride on my Garmin which then got uploaded to Strava and imported to TR.

Everything worked as I hoped it would :+1:

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