How often do you "feel" the super compensation bump?

Every now and then I do a workout and then get a noticeable bump in fitness 2 or 3 days later.

In particular I’ve noticed it lately under the following scenarios:

Weight training - I’ve been doing the Maximum Overload plan. If I do the routine and walking lunges I’m left with DOMS the next day but when I get on the bike the 2nd or 3rd day after my legs just feel great.

Base - 2-3 weeks into a base miles block I was flying, breaking PRs, nabbing Strava KOMs. And then in the 4th/5th week my legs were feeling tired and stale.

In the fall I did a 3.5 hour tempo/sweet spot ride with some masters cat 1s from my team. Sitting on their wheels for me was like being motorpaced for over 3 hours. I was in my tempo or SS zone most of the time while they were in Z1/2. After this ride I was baked but 3 days later I was flying.

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Interesting. On base (SSBLV1&2) I felt almost no ‘bump’ at all albeit my outdoors time to exhaustion felt subjectively better. Only recently in the latter part of short power build have I noticed a material ‘gain’.

I’m currently on the rest week in between the two blocks of short power build and did feel I had improved at the end of the first block - but now I’ve got a bad cold so expect I’ve overreached too much :frowning:

after the rest week which i do every 4th week; might be spot on for you as well, as you felt tired by week 4. rest up!