Feel better after workout in TrainerRoad

did sweet spot 3x20min today,

and it isnt the first time that i felt better after the workout?

why is that?

ever happened to you?

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I feel better after workout as well. Just figured it was getting the blood going clearing the mind and completing a session.

Well done :biking_woman:

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That’s one of the benefits of training. Your body makes happy chemicals to make you feel better.
There’s also a sense of achievement that comes when you complete a challenge.

3x 20minute SS really gets the juices flowing.

Just be aware that you can also fall into the flip side if you overdo it.
That has to be my biggest take away from using the TR platform. I’m learning how to better manage/avoid my fatigue and depressed moods over time.

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I fall into that flip side every so often. Thing is I have not learnt how too see it coming very well. I go from not being able to stop myself training anytime day or night to finding it very hard to make myself go.

Does my head in sometimes, how do you see it coming?

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There are many times for me while going through and after completing the warm up where it’s not looking good for competing the workout ahead, but once I get into it and finish it I feel great (especially mentally at that point). Of course, this doesn’t happen all the time and usually not with long VO2Max intervals :joy:.


It comes on pretty rapidly for me. My job is very physical so I don’t get much say in the recovery department and that causes things to snowball.
The build phase is the killer for me. Base training, not so much.

I’ve learned to use trends in my resting heart rate and my general feeling of fatigue during the morning. That’s how I see it coming these days.
Beyond that I start to notice that I become short tempered and irritable. Mr cranky pants!

I think the process of feeling great and then feeling not so great is par for the course. If you felt great all the time you’d take a long time to progress.
I’ve been learning to manage my expectations accordingly.

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I feel the same way. For some strange reason, I dont feel tired any more even after very hard sessions.
I also did not feel last week’s race tempo weekend ride. Last 40km was averaged around 44kmph with a NP 270 and 180bpm for 20min. After the ride I even went to shopping mall :slight_smile:

I think it is because we are getting stronger. I am feeling this way especially after the completion of General Build. I am doing Sustained Power build now and did 20X3 @259W and walked out without any issue.

Well done to all.

All those signs you mention are the same to me but tbhi have never put two and two together. Seeing it written down like that is great.

I will check it my heart rate tend to see if there is anything there. Dinner very interesting food for thought there, thanks heaps.

BTW Great topic mendezpt :+1: