How much more can my FTP increase?


I (26M) have been cycling since mid covid-19. Since last year I started to train more seriously and stick to some routine rather than just riding to be active. When I started my FTP was 277. Now, a year later my FTP is 328. How much more can my FTP increase?

I average 8 hours a week. Peaking 400 kilometers (sorry not American) in a week and sometimes 250 kilometers or less, depending on work/school schedule. I could still lose some amount of fat (currently 18%) and develop some muscles.

Any advice or helpful tips about training are welcome.


Very likely significant room to improve with more years of training and/or increase in volume. But impossible to even guesstimate without knowing your genetics. Everyone has a genetic ceiling and there are also fast responders and slow responders. If you are a really fast responder, you might already be within ~10% of your genetic ceiling even on limited volume and years. If you are a slow responder, you might just be scratching the surface and have the genetic potential to build a 400+ ftp given enough volume and years of training.


This is a how long is a piece of string question. You may have peaked, you may have plenty of room to grow.

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