How much do you eat while riding

Hi guys, today I want to ask you how much are you eating and drinking in your indoor rides. I’m actually doing Sweet Spot Base 1 and I’m doing this:

1 hour rides: Only water like 750cc or 1 liter

1 hour and a half rides: I drink 750cc of powerade, 750cc of water and 1 gel when I’m in the minute 50 more or less.

2 hours rides: I drink the same liquid that in one an a half hour or little bit more, and eat 2 gels, the first gel in minute 50 and the second one at minute 90.

I don’t know if I’m eating too less or if it’s okey, before I used to use Hammer Heed instead of powerade and gels, do you think that is better Hammer Heed or the powerade and gels, and in what quantity?

I know the rule of 60 grams of carbs but is it really necessary? I feel okey and I don’t want to gain weight

I’m also drinking a recovery drink inmediatly after every ride, I’m actually mixing Optinium Nutrition Gold Standard Whey Protein with Sustained Energy of Hammer Nutrition, because I bougth a lot of Sustained energy and I don’t want to waste it.

Thanks all!

I don’t get as detailed as you but go on feel. One thing I definitely do is drink HEED no matter the time (with the exception of a 30 minute ride) because I am of the opinion of fueling for the next ride.

Personally, I love HEED because of the complex carbohydrate profile it delivers vs. simple sugars found in other sports drinks. As far as solids, I might do a gel now and again but I find that a banana during long spins does the trick for me (maybe even bread and natural peanut butter prepared in advance).

According to The Endurance Diet by Matt Fitzgerald, all bets are off regarding consumption during training, so don’t worry about gaining weight as you are essentially replacing what you are using.

But then again, nutrition is individual and has a bunch of opinions. Good luck!

I only drink water during ssb. Today for example I did 2hrs with 3x20 and only had some skim lattes and no solid food before riding. Did it just fine. I really don’t worry about on bike nutrition for indoor stuff

I usually just do water for all rides up to 2 hours, with the exception of ridiculous rides like Leconte or Mary Austin. Easy rides up to 3 hours are also water. I prob go through 24 oz of water every 20-30 min. Transition run after almost every ride also on water. I may have a banana or peach in between the 2.
I bought 4 bags of Tailwind 2 years ago and I still haven’t finished them.


I have honey in a squeeze bottle I use for 60-90 min stuff. Anything over 60 gets a bottle of sorta break as well as I swear a ton indoors

I’m in ssb2 right now. Most of my rides are first thing in the morning and performed before breakfast. I only consume water for workouts up to 60 minutes. For workouts 90+ minutes I use Tailwind. Last year I used the same fueling all the way through build and specialty. After reading some more of Fitzgerald’s stuff I’d like to try something different this season. Not sure how that will work since I’m on the bike so early…

Hard to answer with the only input being ride duration.

If you have a really high FTP and are doing high NP rides then you might actually need to eat as much as you are. If you have a lower FTP and are doing low NP rides then you can get away with eating significantly less.

The 60 grams of carbs is not a recommendation of how much you need to eat, but instead a recommendation for what is the most your body can digest - if you go over that you’ll have digestive troubles and not be processing the extra calories.

For nearly all conditions a 60-90 minute ride requires no fuel on the bike - doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t have any - but your body should be capable of riding at any intensity without you consuming any calories.

For longer rides - it really depends on your caloric burn and the intensity of the ride

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I use gofar by infinit nutrition. 2 scoops 1 bottle for any workout that’s intense. Not to fuel that ride per se but for the next one. Muscle uptake will be highest during actual ride so that’s when I fuel. I do low intensity fasted

Many people on the forums do the TR rides without any extra food. Personally I break the workouts into 3 types and base my nutrition off the type of rides intense days (VO2max and threshold), sweet spot days, and easy days.

Note I workout early in the morning so for:

intense days I have 12oz of Mnt Dew + 12oz diet Mnt Dew to get both caffeine and some quick carbs into the system. Then during the ride I have a bottle with Gatorade in it plus a bottle of water. I also ear a higher carb dinner the night before.

Sweet spot days I just have 24oz diet Mnt Dew and the bottle with Gatorade plus bottle of water. The night before I also try to have a dinner with some carbs in it.

For easy days still 24oz diet Mnt Dew but just water on the bike. The night before I have a carb/calorie light dinner.

I guess there are also the long weekend rides and for those I generally eat 600 calories of oatmeal with banana and then fuel 250-350cal/per hour of almost entirely carbs.

I rarely ride longer than 90 mins on the trainer so it’s usually just water or a carb mix, but I personally have very little need to fuel my rides of that during during the workout.

Pre and post workout nutrition is much more important IMO


Typically just water, even for the two hour rides. But have a recovery drink immediately after and eat dinner shortly after that. That may change in the specialty phase but I doubt it. I train with out the extra substance but in a race will consume during it for the extra energy. I think its really about getting to know your body and doing what is best for it, everyone is different. Experiment now so you know what you can do in a race or group ride, Fondo, etc.

Does Tailwind have a use by date? I used it for the first time a couple of weeks ago on my first 160km ride. Worked really well. Only bought the sample pack to workout if it agreed with me and what flavours I prefer. I suspect a bag will be more cost effective but like you it will last a while.

I only train with H2O indoors.

I’m restricted to early morning training so tend to go into my workouts in what I describe as semi fasted state. I say semi fasted as if I have what looks like a hard workout scheduled I’ll eat a carb heavy snack/meal before bed - usually this is a bowl of oats (made with water) and a banana. This way I don’t need to eat before the workout. This approach seems to work well for me as I don’t need or feel like I have to consume any calories during my TR sessions. However, if for whatever reason I don’t eat enough before bed and then hit a hard sesh in the morning it definitely feels harder.
Just for context I have been training this way for about 7 years so I may have become hardened to this approach

I learnt the hard way recently. I’m calorie restricting/fasting as I need to lose a bit of weight (~10kg) and did a few rides either fasted or without fuelling. They were relatively tough workouts and they didn’t go particularly well to say the least.

There’s probably an IF level above which I would fuel properly but for lower level sweetspot work I don’t have anything.

There is an expiration date but the stuff is good for a couple years. But I haven’t looked in a while. I still will use it if it is past the date. It’s just sugar and salts in powder form. Not like rotten milk that will make you sick.
I gave a bag to my brother and that helped. I’m on my last one. And yes, it works pretty well. I’ve found that they all work but Tailwin agrees with me the least bloating and the taste is not too overpowering.

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Until today I never eat much or anything on the turbo. Listened to the latest podcast an will maybe follow the advice „don’t diet on the bike“ and eat at every workout over 60 min.

Last year I did SSBMV mostly with water and lost some weight. This year I’m doing SSBHV and been taking in lots of calories on the bike. It’s made the workouts so much more enjoyable. Eating dates, fig newtons and small snicker bars. Been doing better at hitting my power targets. However, I’m not as concerned about dropping weight this year. Still drinking 4 bottles of water for 2hr SS workout.