How long can I keep drink mix in the fridge?

I have two bottles of Skratch Superfuel I mixed this morning, unfortunately it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to get out today. Is it safe to store the bottles in the fridge for a couple days or just one?


I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do, but I will make bottles 2-3 days in advance, and I have been okay.


I make all mine for the week on sunday and pull as needed.


With regular Skratch, I’ve used bottles the next day without refrigeration with no issues.

Think of those millions of bottles of Gatorade that go unrefrigerated for weeks. I’m no expert here, but I think sugar/salt mixtures are pretty stable.


Most sources I’ve read say to consume it within 24 hours, but I doubt it matters all that much

Yep, you’ll be totally fine.

Mine in general seems to taste fine after as many as 3 days (72 hours), but seems to have a different smell - and taste - in the bottle beyond that.

I don’t notice a difference in how long the superfuel stays good and how long the hydration mix stays good for.

A couple of days is fine, a week might be OK; but pushing it.
Commercially produced drinks actually use quite a few measures to eliminate contamination by molds, bacteria and viruses etc.
You don’t, and can’t in your kitchen.
( A biologist who works in the biomedical industry )


Just look and taste. If you see mold discard but a little yeast should be OK. People have left sugary drinks to “spoil” on purpose (ie wild fermentation) for millennia

It really depends on how clean your bottles were to begin with - if there was bacteria or something else in there to start with you’d probably not want to let them sit too long. If they were fresh from being cleaned you should be good for multiple days

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The difference is that those bottles are sealed at the factory and therefore there is a minimum of oxygen inside the bottle.

When you make your own bottles oxygen is present and it will spoil significantly faster.

That said, I have kept bottles in my fridge for a week and not had any problems.

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It will also depend on your water source. Tap water has chlorine. Well water / rain water might harbor some bacteria that could grow over time. Like mentioned above salt has been used as a preservative forever.

I’ve kept premixed stuff (gatorade + sugar) in the fridge for about a week without issues. I have had a few cases longer than that the spoiled (mold once, something else the other time) but I don’t know how long they were in there.
You could also freeze it if you want to save it longer.