How hard to push in workouts

WIth Adaptive Training it seems like the robot overload keeps ratcheting up the workouts until failure is inevitable. I expect that workouts will get hard, but how hard is enough? My style is to go all in and complete workouts, but am beginning to doubt that is the best thing to do.

Is it really necessary to hit workouts every week with the same do or die mindset as a race?

I think of it as mental conditioning for race time, as long as I’m recovering properly and not overtraining

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If you tell it “Very Hard” it will sometimes reduce the workout levels. If you tell it “All Out” it gives a struggle survey and adjusts downward, so if you need to go “all in” to complete the workout, tell it “All Out”.


Nope - there’s a time and place you might want to, but also a school of thought that finishing with a little left int he tank is a good thing.

Progressive overload doesn’t mean continually doing a max effort every workout, Sustainable training that leads to long term consistency is probably much more important for long term development and health, than thrashing yourself to death continually and eventually breaking down or burning out.

If you’re not paid to do this why make yourself feel like that about your training :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

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This. What works for me is if I have to dial FTP% down by 3 or more to complete, it is very hard. If I fail, it’s an all out. A serious emotional breakdown at the end with no adjustments… very hard. And just keep mental note before you start the next workout. You’re the decision maker, AT is a tool that makes a good framework.

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