How does powermatch work?

  • Sadly, deltas like this are all too common. Skim through the Equipment category and you will see lots of “my trainer doesn’t match my power meter…” threads.
  • PowerMatch is better since it will actively watch for the delta and adjust at any point that the “30 watt delta” is not a 30w difference. In theory, you are likely to see different gaps at different power ranges. PowerMatch aims to handle that and always set your resistance to hit the desired power via your power meter.

  • What reason do you have to use Manual instead of Auto PowerMatch?

I’m not sure this is the right thread, but does anyone know how to get info from powermatch? I moved my power meter pedals to a different bike for summer, but i’m pretty confident my trainer is reading much lower than my power meter did.

I’d like to see if there is a way to know if i’m 10% or 20 watts too low somehow by looking through old ride data or stored powermatch data somehow. I know i can re-install my PM and record both together, but i’m looking to avoid that if i can.

  • AFAIK, that’s your only option.

The completed TR workout files we can access do not contain the data for both devices (meter & trainer), just the power meter. It’s not possible to access that historic data unless you recorded separate devices and files.