How does Adaptive Training deal with fitness plateaus?

On a successful workout (even one rated very hard), AT seems to ramp up the difficulty pretty quickly.

If you fail a workout due to intensity, it seems to temporarily drop the level quite a lot before presumably putting it back up again.

If you fitness had plateaued, this seems like it will cause a yoyo effect. Is this intentional?


Even if your fitness has ‘plateaued’, the answer to failing a workout due to intensity isn’t to just keep giving you workouts that are potentially too difficult. AT is acknowledging that the upward progression needs to chill a bit, that you need to be given a chance to recover and restabilize, all while re-assessing if you’re ready to move forward again based upon those reduced workout’s success and post-workout surveys.

It’s important to keep in mind that accepting adaptations for the next handful of workouts is not final, it can change again and you can receive more potential adaptations the very next day/workout, depending upon how you do!