How do you remove a RockShox Judy fork?

Daft question…

How do you remove a RockShox fork?

I’ve got a 2019 Trek Roscoe 7 with a coil spring RockShox Judy Silver TK and I’m trying to remove the fork to give everything a proper clean and service. I’ve removed the top cap and bolt and slackened the pinch bolts on the stem and removed the stem and bars but the fork won’t come out of the headset/bearings. It spins freely, but it will not come out. I’ve given it a couple of taps with a mallet but it still doesn’t want to come out. Is there something else I need to do to release it or do I just need to give it a bit more persuasion with the mallet?

I’m not positive but if you remove the inner ring with some pliers, that should help it slide out better

It should drop out. Give the steerer a tap with a soft hammer (or put a bit of timber on top and use a regular hammer).

Will give that a shot.

In your second picture the circular ring with the slot in the back is an expander so that is holding the steerer tube in place against the bearing.

Give it a harder tap on top and it should move down a bit then lift up the forks from underneath and that compression ring should come up on the steerer tube and be easier to then slid up the rest of the way letting the forks then drop out.

2:46 onwards - it’s the same type of fitting on a MTB.