How do you reduce power effort by 5-10% when using Erg mode in the middle of a workout?

I’m using ego mode for my workouts (btw, I’m very new to erg), sometimes on workouts where you are working at 120% of your FTP, Chad will say that if the intervals are too much look to reduce your power by 5-10%. How do you do this when using erg? I cannot work it out because if I slow my cadence it’s like grinding up a hill, like i’m not ‘on top of the gear’. On one longer workout I was so fatigued this would have been useful but all I could do was stop, take a breather and try and get ‘on top of the gear’ again with my cadence.

Any advise?

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There is a button on the workout screen that says “Intensity 100%” you can click that and reduce the intensity there, or if you are on a PC you can press the Up or Down arrows.


Aha! I see it. Brilliant, thanks Spencer :-)) hopefully I won’t need it too often :wink: