How did you 5w/kg+ riders make it there?

Thank you for sharing !

Did you do that structure all year long ? How did you base look like if different ?

So until May I mostly did sweetspot and threshold intervals. 4 days a week on the trainer plus long rides outside.
Living in a mountainous area it is very easy to structure work with sweetspot/threshold on long hills, rest on the downhill, zone 2 on the flats in-between hills. This is really the bread and butter of my training.

From May I started doing some VO2 weeks alternated with more classic pyramidal weeks. I think I might have a lot to gain from VO2 work because I responded quite quickly and I’ve never focused too much on that side of training. Also lack of racing this year, being my first serious year, meant losing a lot of potential gains.

The volume was mostly the same. I didn’t do the classic recovery week structure. I seem to be able to handle well large volume of work (very important to eat lots of carbs).
I’ve had only 3/4 times during this year of 2 consecutive non-training days.


Your progression is really impressive, in just 1 year. Did you also incorporate strength training at some point ?

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In January and February I’ve done gym work every other day. Barbell compound exercises with low reps.

Every tuesday I do torque intervals (tempo or threshold, 50-60rpm, uphill) that kind of count as strength training.