How accurate is the FTP test with speed and cadence sensor?

I did this morning the ramp test with my cadans and speedsensor? I scored 535, with my 78 kg is my FTP/kg 6,9. that is pretty high of what I all read. So how accurate is this test? I have to say that my condition is pretty well, I’m cycling to my training since I’m 12 years old 15km towards and 15km back te home, I’m doing that now for 6 years. But is it even possible that my FTP is 6,9?
I did this test on my elite novo mag 5.

6.9 watts per kg is top end world class. :joy:

So I would ignore the absolute value. Though if you keep your training setup consistent, you can train with the FTP you derived that way. Ultimately, because it will always be off by the same error margin.
Though if you change to a turbo trainer and expect to complete the workouts with your 6.9 watts per kg FTP you will have a hard time.


Its not accurate. What matters for training is that it is consistant - you get the same numbers for the same effort. So if you don’t change anything about your setup, just train with that number on TR. If you change anything, or get to a new turbo or a powermeter, you’ll have to do a new ftp test.

I think even world class TT riders don’t go over 500W ftp :wink:

It’s incredibly unlikely to be ‘accurate’ and seems high enough that something is wrong with your setup. Virtual Power is based on the known power curves of your trainer so it’s worth checking you have selected the correct one.

Get in touch with TR support.

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I would check that you have the correct trainer selected and that the trainer is set to the right resistance mode.

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thanks for the answers, I set up every think correct. like you said I’m going to focus on my improvements trouth out the time. And I hope to be able to afford a real power next year for the Ironman in kalmar I’m going to race.

I think its a problem with my trainer, it is a elite novo force mag 5, it works on a magnate so the resistance doen’t build up when I go faster. but I fought that TR would keep that in mind. but at the last step I kept the pace up I ride on the heaviest cassettes, on a cadans of 100.

That does sound suspiciously like a problem with your trainer.

I’d let the TR support team know, they’ve been excellent any time I’ve had to use them.