Hotel Mode feature request

I am a dedicated TrainerRoad user. Well into year 3 or 4 of nearly daily use. With the world reverting to the mean travel is back and increasing which means doing workouts more and more on hotel bikes (peloton if I get lucky, but often some version of Technogym or LifeFitness).

Typically this means doing the workout with a heart rate monitor and manual adjusting power on the bike to match the prescribed level. There is no readout to TR. As has been discussed in many forums this means TR thinks you ended early and provides survey about why you ended early and the only choice that makes sense is equipment issue. You also don’t get TSS so weeks look very low.

Enter Hotel Mode, the way this should work is

  1. if you start the workout with out power but a hr it ask if you are on a hotel or gym bike
    2)then you do the workout
  2. at the end it does a few things
    A) asks you to estimate how close to the prescribed you stayed
    B) looks at the HR vs historical workouts to see how likely it is you stayed on power using the AI
    c) asks you to input avg power and cadence manually from the hotel bike readout
    Based on a triangulation of those data produces a TSS and normal workout data set which is included in your TSs and fatigue calculations so for example red light /yellow light is accurate. But the workout is always marked as ‘hotel gymm mode’ so it can be excluded from the Trainer Road teams analysis if you want. As it would not be as accurate as other data.

Maybe that is not quite right but there needs to be an easy way to include workouts from hotel and gym stationary bikes that don’t provide power output to TR.

I would guess that a lot of ppl have this situation, it would also work if you did your workout in a spin studio with a partner or friend who followed the class while you just did the prescribed TR workout.



It would be very interesting to get that feature!

Some of this seems to be already covered via the TSS estimation they offer via HR. This gets applied to lots of stuff including outside rides/workouts for people lacking a power meter. And akin to outside rides without power data, the survey question at the end may well cover your 2A above.

  • I question the usefulness of this as a data point since AP can have similar value for vastly different types of workouts. Couple that with the potential fact that the data provided is questionable in many of the instances I and others have used this type of equipment. It may be rather bad data that could cause more issues that it would add usefulness.

Agreed, it might not be helpful, it was more a point of triangulation - if the avg power input was very different from from the expected average power given the prescribed workout then you might get a prompt saying “something seems up, do you want exclude this workout from your fatigue calculations” or something like that.

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The TSS Estimation with HR might provide all the underlying functionality required to make this work. In that case what i’m really suggesting is an “Easy Button” in the app with some choice about what happens. Going back into the website to do this given the frequency with which this occurs (and on busy travel days) feels like a solveable problem.
I’m also suggesting that in addition to TSS it could estimate power, distance and other metrics that would be ideal to have.
BTW - this could also work without HR - if you just used the “How closely did you follow the prescribed work out” manual input instead of the survey that just assumes you cut it short

  • Tthis may already be covered:

Not necessarily integrated as quickly as you’d like, but at least there is something that can be leveraged while waiting to see if they can streamline this in the future.

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