Hit my season goal after the first base phase! :)

Took my second ramp test and was stoked to see a massive gain: 234w->260w at roughly 71 kg. Absolutely buried myself and was gasping for air.

The funny this is 260w was my goal for the Spring, time to recalibrate what is possible! Thanks TR

Honestly terrified for this next training block, might just kill me


26W increase Great effort. The thing is you can always dial it down when the workouts are too hard. Over unders/ 120% of FTP VO2 max efforts will be tough.

I just reached my FTP (best i have had) I reached last year, 5 months ahead of plan. I only was going up 9 /10 watts per test. Just completed as set of over unders so was okay. I am not looking forward to Thursday at 108% of FTP for 6min then repeat X5.

I am prepared to dial that back to Threshold at 102% and see how i get on.

It might be worth while trying a sweetspot workout first to see if it really is going to be okay.

Nice gains! :muscle:
You didn’t tell if you are at your all-time FTP best or just regaining fitness after some time off.
If just regaining fitness, the first watts come back pretty fast.

My numbers are very similar to yours: 254W at 71kg. After 3 months completely off the bike I tested at some disappointing 207W, when I have been traditionally around 230-250W. The first +30W came back very quickly. From there it’s another story: I have been making 2-3% improvements from test to test. A lot of struggle for just a few watts. A bit frustrating sometimes but it is how it is. At 41 and with very limited time to train I’ll take those gains any time.

Btw, how old are you and what program are you following?
Keep us updated about your progress!

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It’s regaining fitness, but it has been a while! I used to race crits 2014-2016 but have fallen off proper training until this. That said I have ridden like once or twice a week since. Back in 2016 I had a 284w FTP, and was 100% not expeting to get that close to it. I’m happy because it seems like I may be able to hit my elusive 5 year ols PRs after all.

I’m 24 btw, and using sweet spot low base with an additional bmx ride or two a week (I ride street bmx as well, never sure how to factor that in to training). I’ll update everyone my next test!

Your gains do sound simular, and I agree, testing 207w would be annoying, here’s hoping you nab another double digit increase.

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Luckily I am still in sweet spot base, so hoping I can adapt up to my apparent FTP potential before the threshold work comes in play