Hip Flexor Pain - Squats or cycling or both?

Have developed a bit of a niggle in my right hip flexor. I assume that’s what it is front hip joint area. Sometimes feels a little like something needs to click back into place.

Now, I’m an obvious candidate for hip flexor problems as I work at a desk, although I do use a kneeling chair and move around a bit.

Not sure where this has developed though. I feel it is from doing squats. I started the Stronglifts program about 6 weeks ago and have been squatting more and lower than I have before. Seems contrary to what would irritate a hip flexor, but it is going low into a squat where I feel it.

Then again, the saddle on my winter bike is a little low, which I figure could also cause an issue.

Anyway, in this time of Covid I am unable to get to a physio so was wondering if there was any experience of this issue out there. Obviously I don’t want to stop doing anything, particularly if it isn’t the cause, but I also don’t want to make this any worse. At present it is just an annoyance, but would be nice to get shot of it…

Check out faifix or the 2 guys who made its YouTube channels. Upright health and gotrom.

This kind of thing is common. Some stretching and tissue work can make a huge difference, at least it has for me.

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The hip flexors attach into the lower back, so the problem may not originate in the flexors themselves. I’ve had a hip flexor/lower back issue for a long time. My left hip flexor would get really tight, and no amount of stretching would relax it, I even strained it a few times trying. Eventually I got a better diagnosis than the original one and found the issue was lower back tightness. Now I do a routine of stretches and exercises to loosen my back and the hip flexor is fine.

Your issue may be completely different of course, but if it developed due to a squat/lifting routine then it may be worth investigating.

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