Help with comparing 2 different power sources

Hi all,

I have just received a pair of Assioma Duo pedals and would like to see how they comapre to my Kickr '18.
My setup is PC based and I also have a Garmin Edge 830. I know my way around Excel if that helps.

Can anyone recommend the best way to grab a recording of both power meters and how to analyse it.
Just by looking at the Garmin’s data page which is reading the Assioma Duo, it looks like I am around 10W below what the Kickr is reporting but it’s difficult to see as the Duo’s data seems instantaneous whereas the Kickr’s power on zwift seems more smoothed. ( I use Zwift as a visual distraction and run TR minimized).

I don’t want to switch to “Uno” mode as I have balance issue due to injury at around 46 / 54

I have tried the Duo’s as the power source with the Kickr and have experienced the “sticky watts” within Zwift as others have reported. Stopping pedalling results in a stuck wattage for approx 3 seconds before it drops off. I’m assuming its just the way it is? How does this affect tracking TrainerRoad power changes within a workout?

So i’d like to see what’s going on with the two power sources. I’m reluctant to switch power sources this far into my training plan although I’m assuming I can ramp test and go with the new FTP figure?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. I’m a bit of a noob to structured training as above might show.


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You can record two separate gpx files, one on Zwift connected to your trainer and one on Garmin connected to Assioma. Then use DC Rainmaker’s analysis tool to compare them:


Run one on TR as normal and connect the other to your head unit. Record both and then upload to zwiftpower power analyzer.

Should work!


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Pretty simple;

Do a TR session connected to your Kickr as you have in the past.

At the same time pair your Garmin to the Assioma, and off you go.

You will see the difference in the NP, avg power and maximum power at the end, but if there is a dramatic difference you’ll probably notice when your hold a 5min interval or longer just eyeballing the Garmin and TR numbers.

Then you can do a formal test.


You can use the zwift power website as a free way to analyse two files from different power meters from the same ride. Use the ‘analysis’ tab to create a new dataset. Once done you can see an overlay of the power traces and it will give you comparative power curves to compare. The rides don’t have to be on zwift either :wink:

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Thanks guys that’s great info.

I can conclude that by looking at Mary Austin -1 ( horrid by the way !) the difference between my Kickr '18 and Assioma Duo’s on a 1:30:00 ride are:

AVG power = 232w Duo / 233w Kickr
Max AVG 20 mins power = 276w Duo / 270w Kickr
Max Power = 381w Duo / 301w Kickr
Normalised Power = 255w Duo / 256w Kickr

Doesn’t seem too far away apart from the Max Power flyer ?

Thanks again all


Max power may just be a timing difference, given power is recorded in 1s intervals.

Ah I see, thanks. It was actually quite a suprise to see what the power output graph looked like from the Duo’s compared to the clinically clean ( filtered / averaged no doubt?) graph from the Kickr. At first I thought there was something wrong with the pedals :grin:.

What was really interesting with the Duo’s graph is how insane it looked when I was falling to bits and starting to mash towards the end of the last set on Mary Austin.

Brilliant stuff !

I think Wahoo does some pretty insane power smoothing by default, but you can turn it off in the app.