Power meter mismatch kickr V5 vs assioma duo

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I am getting quite frustrated with my power set up especially in Zwift races. I have the assioma duos recording to my garmin and a kickr V5 paired with My cycling apps. Both of these reportedly are auto calibrating systems but I get results like the attached regularly. Kickr reports much higher than the pedals in this case. I don’t understand the next steps I need to take to resolve these issues. Both claim high accuracy

Firstly I’d stick both the fit files on either the zwiftpower or dcrainmakers analyser tool and see what’s going on.

Personally I always calibrate my duos before a ride - it doesn’t take long.

I also make sure that the kickr has chance to do it’s auto-cal by free-wheeling for 5-10 seconds after riding for 15mins or so.

Is the reported left/right balance normal on the DUOs?

I typically have 52-48 l/r balance. Ignore the title for the duos as they were recorded on my garmin it is genuine dual recording so that is my total left and right lower versus my kickr

Also, obviously your kickr is the correct device for zwift races :slightly_smiling_face:

Crank length setting on the Garmin is another thing to check. The value on the Garmin will override what is set in the favero app.

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Visually looks ok?

It does - but to my eyes doesn’t it get a bit better after you coasted for a bit @33mins? I.e. after the kickr has chance to cal.

If you drag and zoom over that section the average powers below the graph are updated.

Maybe try that section after 33 mins and compare it to a similar section earlier.

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Are pedals or the Kickr new? Do you have other reference points to check them against? Like another pm on a bike etc?
Getting the basics right, like crank lengths, correct assembly, latest firmware, zero resetting etc.
Also zero resetting is not a calibration. Companies should stop calling it that. It is not even close.

Next step is static weight check like this:

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Still 7% out still. I used to have a 4iii single sided that lined up very well to my kickr. Starting to think that the l/r balance could be wrong because one pedal faulty?!

Possible. You can turn them to left side only and see what difference it makes.
Or you can record left and right pedal to two different head units if you have them.

But you can just check the left-right balance in a software and guesstimate if one of the pedals is the suspect. If reported balance is 52-48 a left only pm would read 4% higher.

Left only measurements should not be a reference point, this is just for debugging. Especially if you do not have long term good data on your balance.

Are you doing this in ERG mode on the Kickr?

No sure how I could be it’s paired at the start up of Zwift and I’m in a race here?

preach :raised_hands:

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This is one man’s experience, but from my observations, Kickr’s read high. There is a reason that people commonly say there is a “Neo effect” when Kickr users switch. People will now chime in to say their Neo read higher than their Kickr, so I’ll say again, this is just my experience from personal and friend observations.

I would not assume that because your left only pedal was similar that means the Kickr number is “more accurate”. The fact the Assioma and Kickr trend together tells me you just need to pick one and adjust the other to match or accept that you’re going to have two different FTP’s. We all wish power meters all read the same, but at some point you accept they don’t and move on,

I tend to agree in principle but that level of difference is frustrating with both apparently at 1% accuracy!! Especially with the price of these prices of equipment

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See that post @kpedal linked. I think you’ll find sympathetic souls!

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