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HI all,
Trying to understand my suggested adaptations. I am on xc marathon plan. half way through week 4. So far I have completed every workout given with a handful at 105%. For some reason my adaptations however keep suggesting easier workouts??? example last week I completed Warlow +1 (threshold 5.0), it was hard but what over under workouts aren’t, never was at risk for not completing. This week the adaptations are suggesting changing warlow +2 (threshold 5.5) to Temple (temple 4.2).

To give a little history I am returning to consistent training after about 6 mo. I crashed pretty hard and landed in the ICU for a week (12 rib fx in 17 places, 2 collapsed lungs, 1 chest tube, broken shoulder blade and shattered wrist.). Over that same time period I also moved from sea level to 7500 ft. I am no stranger to training but have seen a serious drop in my FTP (324 to 247). So not sure if the adaptations are taking my hiatus into account.
Thanks for any feedback

It’s best for you to email directly because they have access to far more than the info you shared (that we can only guess on anyway).

Chad’s right here. We definitely want to encourage discussion about training and AT, but ultimately, only can provide accurate insight based upon the full scope of your workout’s ride logs, complete training plan, progression levels, adaptations, success rate of workouts, potential issues you may be experiencing (like workouts not being accounted for in odd scenarios), etc. They’ll be happy to take a look!

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Great thanks!
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