Help my Elemnt Bolt help me do social distancing

Hi all… I have googled around without a clear answer, so I thought I’d check here.

Anyway, one of our local club routes goes right by my house. Normally for the social aspect I start with the group about 10 miles away, but with that not happening for a while, I was wondering if it’s possible to start a route midway through on an elemnt bolt.

It’s actually loaded in the bolt, so I wonder if it’s just a matter of getting onto the route, selecting it, and it will figure out where I am and guide accordingly? Or will it freak out and say OMG WHERE ARE WE? and not help.

Thanks… I would just go out and experiment, but it’s raining today and I dont want to risk entering or straining the medical system!!

I had the bolt a while back (530 for past year) and I believe if you ride the course from where you are it will pick it up from there as long you are on the route. As you know if you are off course it won’t re-route you.

Yes, I have doing this a fair bit mid ride load the course up and it has just picked up where I’m at. Works fine.

Thanks much!