Help me start over

Long story short I want to start over with cycling and unlearn what I know.

After having dealt with EBV for the last few years I have to accept the new norm that my body can’t handle loads of stress. I need to ramp extremely slowly. 4-5 years ago I could ride 2-3,000 miles a year. Last year I was barely able to get 750 done (majority was easy rides on the indoor trainer).

And now after having gotten COVID in early December I am recovering slowly, I’m truly at a point where once I feel better to do more than yoga and walk around the block, I wanna start over.

So what advice would you give me? I’m all ears.

In the first instance, I would put ‘training’ on the shelf and just ride my bike. Reaffirm to myself why I love cycling. Just fall back in love with everything that’s great about being on two wheels. Freedom, adventure and shared experiences.

Then I’d set myself some attainable goals. That might be a total distance for the year or a couple of big (your definition of big) rides.

With regards to training, start off nice and slow. Build a solid foundation. Sweet Spot Base might be a step too far right now. If you have the time, Traditional Base could be the best route.

Slow and steady might be the best way to get back into this race. Good luck :+1:

Good reply above. I’d you’re not a member of a cycling club then join one and make cycling about friendship and laughter. If they have a kids club I can highly recommend getting involved with that. It can be very rewarding.
After a long hot summer you may find your fitness has come back naturally.