Help me out - direct mount brake standards?

Hey All,
After an hour of googling i could not find any solid info about direct mount brake standards. As I understand it so far shimano and TRP at one time used different bolt widths and sizes, but now may be cross compatible? I’m looking to change out the TRP brakes on my Argon 18 Nitrogen because they are a nightmare to work on or recable. I was hoping to find out what the standards are currently that was I can find a different set of brakes to install.

I believe all of the current direct mount frames use the same width for the brake bosses. Shimano, SRAM, TRP, ee, etc will work.

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Awesome thanks!

Rather than start a new thread…

Can someone school me on DM brakes? Im about to buy a bike with DM rim brakes and theyre totally new to me. The rear brake is mounted under the BB and looks like a very odd contraption!

Can anyone tell me why the rear caliper is so different? Why not stick a normal DM caliper (like the front) under there?

hi sorry for the delayed response, lol

i would avoid the under bb mount brakes if you can. They are very very hard to work on. I would also avoid anything proprietary and stick with shimano, campy, sram etc. That makes them less expensive to replace and easier to work on because they’re mostly standardized. hope this helps!