Argon 18 E-117 Tri Build, Help with Brakes?

Hey guys…

Just bought an e117 frame and am looking to build over the coming year as ironman times start getting competitive.

Has anyone here replaced the brake calipers on this frame? I am trying to source some and am struggling to find the right set. Think trp ttv are the correct ones?

Planning a 8060 di2 build.

Thanks for any help! Tom

I would look into seeing if the TriRig omega x are compatible


I have the E-118, it has TRP TTV.

They work great but we’re a huge hassle to set up and cable the first time. I’ve not replaced, or touched them, since!


I would call Argon 18 and ask. Their support is amazing. I got a call back within an hour when I had a question about my Nitrogen. As others have said, these brakes are a HUGE pita to set up the first time but work great once dialed.