Help me buy a stationary bike!

Hello! I am looking to upgrade my stationary bike for indoor training and hoping you all might be able to help me out. I currently have a Schwinn IC4, which I have really enjoyed for several years but is starting to get a bit cranky/squeaky/slippy and is quite difficult to repair.

Here are my top criteria:

  • Quiet
  • Sturdy
  • Built-in power detection
  • No required virtual platform (i.e., Peloton); I just want to run TrainerRoad
  • Less than $2000

I would appreciate anyone’s input! Personal experience or bikes you have run across that look like they might be good.


A little out of your budget but @mcneese.chad posted this deal on the Kicker bike in the deals thread.

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Also slightly outside of your budget is the Tacx Bike which is on sale for $2750 at Backcountry

I’d you use active junky you can get 12% back which would bring it down to $2420. If you have not used active junky before, you pay the full price then get money back about 3 months later at the end of the quarter. All you need is a free account

Stages SC3 stationary bikes at our gym and they are very sturdy and reliable. There is a 3 speed resistance lever and resistance knob for control. I’ve been able to do interesting workouts, say 30-seconds at vo2max and 30-seconds recover, just by using the 3 speed shift lever. You might find one used locally for $1000.

Thanks for the suggestions! Budgets can be stretched…right?

wasnt the Stages bike just on a pretty huge sale recently? might still be?

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