CHEAP Dumb Trainer

Like a lot of us, my son is mostly stuck in his apartment currently. He has a commuter bike, and is interested in getting a cheap trainer. He is not a serious cyclist, but just wants to do some cardio without getting out in the Texas heat. He is not interested in a smart trainer at this time.

Does anyone have any experience with a cheap and relatively quiet wheel on trainer? He would like to spend less than $150 dollars



Check ebay and craigslist for a used kurt kinetic. They are relatively quiet and super reliable.


I second this. I picked up a lightly used KK Road Machine a couple years back for about $150 and it’s been rock solid.


Which city? I have one I don’t use. I’m in Austin.

I’ve been on a Travel Trac Comp Fluid (Performance Bike brand I believe) for a couple of years and am pretty happy with it. It used to go for $150 and occasionally be on sale for $100, but it looks like PB has raised the price maybe. I think they have a mag version that’s cheaper too, but I assume that’s probably louder.

craigslist or facebook marketplace. Mag is the cheapest you’ll typically see but probably not quiet. Fluid is decently quiet but you’ll want a smooth tire as knobby tires make more noise (and they will round/wear out).

If you’re lucky you’ll see deals on used smart trainers. I was perusing my local craigslist and saw somebody selling a Wahoo Kickr Snap for $200 and a gen 1 CycleOps Hammer for $300. I was really tempted to buy the Hammer at that price despite already having an Elite Direto.

Keep an eye out for a used Cyclops Fluid 2. You should be able to find one under $100 (at least in my market). They are really well built.

Thanks to all for the great suggestions! I will be checking out Craigslist!


He’s in Austin! What kind do you have and would you be interested in selling it?


I also have one in Austin I’m looking to get rid of. Have a wheel for it too.

If he wants it he can have it. Just PM me your email and I can figure out a good spot to meet him and pass it along to someone that will use it.

It is a little dusty but I think I’ve only used it 5 or 6 times.

Just let me know.


Apart from the Kurt Kinetic, Elite made a few fluid trainers that are available for cheap. I have an Elite Volano, a wheel-off trainer, which I got for about $200, but there is also the Qubo (wheel-on). Another option is Elite’s Muin or Muin II, which are also excellent options.

Tacx blue matic is my favorite. Simple, reliable, quick to mount/dismount, good looking, compact, decent ride feel, quiet at high resistance.

Shame you aren’t in the UK, I’ve got a Tacx Booster I could do with selling.

Tacx Blue seems to be a nice cheap entry to trainers.

Yep, all those trainers are good, in my opinion. The difference between matic/motion and booster is too small to justify the sometimes big price difference.

Although, the roller might need the “super glue fix” if it starts clicking. Just put a tiny drop in the holes on the roller and it’s done.

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Thanks again for all the help and suggestions! This is the best forum!