Cardiac drift, affect training?

I have been using trianerroad since the fall of 2019 and am very happy with the effects. The first year I used MV-plans and after the summer of 2020 I increased to HV-plans. My weight is almost constant at 75 kg and my initial FTP was 247 and now it is 295. I make some adjustments to the plans so that they work with the schedule in general. Among other things, I do a 4 hour Longfellow(Z2) or 2 hours SS with the following 2 hours Z2 every Friday.
Now when I did this workout last Friday, I checked out my decoupling. And I note that the average wattage and heart rate are at the same level in the first and second half of the workout. As I understand it, it is good for me and it shows that I have a good base. But my question is how should I let this affect my training in general? Should I do something special or should I just let the plans follow one another?

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It is really useful topic and i hope the people who have enough knowledge about it will inform us and learn it together.

I have just started intervals icu and thanks to that program i could see this value but it is a new metric for me and i cannot interpret it. So if there anyone who can express it will be really good.

I will add two diffrent workouts power/hr value.

In this workout i did 3x20 90% and my hr was low because of fatigue i guess (on the third week of build)

And in this workout i did 6x8 mins %100-105 outside ride.

So what can we say by looking at these values?
So sorry if it is too silly question :confused: i just want to learn more and thanks in advance.

Btw: i have read trainingpeaks blog about it but cant say understand it well.

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Congratulations, you seem to be fitter.

Other than that, the data means nothing.

Thanks for your reply OBNDY. Then I know it is just good to know, but it wont help me further in my selection of training plans.

Might be worth a listen.

Thanks a lot and could you please tell me how you can understand it :smiley:

Short answer will probably be something along the lines of:
It could be an indication of improved endurance, but there are many other factors that could affect it too, such as temperature, hydration, …

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