Help: Knee issue

Probably wrong time oh year to ask this but since I am stuck in an airport I might as well.

My right knee occasionally clips the cross bar. Never my left. Never an issue during knees like pistons exercises. Or quadrants. Fitted professionally last year; cleats parallel, using red or grey keos mostly grey.

So here’s the thing. This morning wanted to throw in a last ride before the compulsory rest week. So I did Baxter. :metal:t2: Spinning + 100 pretty routine for me but every time I felt tension coming in and relaxed: boom the knee came in…

What gives here? Was thinking it must be something on the top of the leg. Hips out of line. I think the saddle pos on this bike needs moving forward as I am bouncing at 120 rpm. Which has always been an indicator for me that I am too far aft. But this is happening on the other two bikes also. Any guesses?

Sounds like weak hip stability muscles. When you are putting power down the quads keep your knee aligned, but weak hip muscles allow your knee to track weird under low power.

Try doing “monster walks”(it’s a hip workout using bands) every 2 or 3 days for a few weeks. I bet your knee will track much better after you build up some strength and tighten up the muscles by using them in this workout.

Give it a go and report back if possible!

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What’s a cross bar?

Build glute medius strength doing single leg strength exercises?

A physiotherapist had me lay on my side and extend my leg out laterally. She had me resist her effort and I caved immediately, super weak. I did split squats on my own for 2 months and came back to her and she said I was a lot stronger. A lot of knee control and stabilization comes from up in the hips.

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@team_bunty I assume top tube.

I would run into this issue during particularly hard efforts and brought it up on my bike fit. The guy doing the fit looked at my shoes and feet and saw that I had a little bit of a high arch and figured my arch wasn’t being supported by the insoles, and so when I was really putting pressure down I was pronating inward a lot and would bang the top tube. Haven’t run into it since.

Keep in mind I’m just n+1, so worth talking to a bike fitter who can look at you in the big picture and help narrow things down.

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Yeah that was sort of my thinking too. Some shrimp squats won’t hurt.

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