Help finding Road Codes/Regulations from different countries for a Scientific Paper about Cycling Safety

Please help me sending links to download your national legislation/codes or scientific articles concerning road safety concerning bicycles. Especially interested in the rules that are applied to bikes and all vehicles to prevent accidents with bikes.

For instance, how does it work the rule of passing by a cyclist? Does the car need to go completely to the other lane, or it is enough to give 1.5m of lateral distance to the cyclist or whatever rule is there for you? Please do not spend too much time talking about the way it is done by law in your country, just a small explanation and the name of those codes/laws and the link to download it (if possible) is already a huge and much appreciated help, especially if you can direct me to a website or link of the exact article and name of the law.

Also, can you by law ride in pairs? In what circumstances? Do you need insure to ride bikes in roads? Is the use of helmet mandatory?

Also interested in finding more about road accidents with cyclists in the last 10 to 20 years in your countries and the way how your country is dealing or not with the increase demand for more safer bike lanes. Are there plans in motion to get more and safer bike lanes? Etc. Etc.

Just do not forget to state your country and write how is that code/regulation written in your own language and the correspondent word for bicycle.

Many thanks!

This is for Massachusetts, as you may know the US doesn’t always have national laws but rather by state, so while you’ll find commonalities in laws across states, it’s more likely rules will be different pertaining to safe passing distance and such

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In the UK, the Highway Code is probably the most relevant for your purposes. It contains directions you must follow (which are law - like using lights at night) and guidance that it suggests you should follow (like wearing a helmet).

The Highway Code covers all road users - this section is specific for cyclists:

Also, can you by law ride in pairs? In what circumstances? Do you need insure to ride bikes in roads? Is the use of helmet mandatory?

Riding in pairs: “never ride more than two abreast, and ride in single file on narrow or busy roads and when riding round bends”

Insurance isn’t mandatory to ride a bike on the road - but lots of people will have 3rd party insurance (e.g. to cover their liability if they cause harm/damage to others) through membership of bodies like British Cycling.

Use of helmets: as above, advised but not a legal requirement.

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California Vehicle Code Division 11, Chapter 1, ARTICLE 4. Operation of Bicycles [21200 - 21213]

Codes Display Text.

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Great. The law concerning pairs, insurance and Helmet is similar.
Thanks for the help.

Thanks. I’ll dig in to that.

Help needed and apreciated from France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Dennamark and the Netherlands or any other european country besides England/UK and Spain because I already got help for those.

USA will have somewhere around 40+. State by state or some states will have none.

You may want to reach out to cycling specific legal firms in countries

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This is from Poland:

And here is the recent legislation update:

Full official document: here

Bicycle is Rower in Polish

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Great. Thanks.