How to Overcome PTSD After a Car Hits You

Hi everyone, 2 years ago I was hit by a car at 62mph and wanted to share my experience of overcoming the fear to get back on the bike. Even if you haven’t been hit, there are some tips here on how to avoid becoming a statistic. Anyone else experience something similar?


Thats a very well put together film, and welcome back to the roads.

Whilst your focus is overcoming fear, I would add that campaigning for increased driver awareness, prosecution and punishment with your local democratic representative will lead to objective increase in road safety.


I hate to be that guy but fines should definitely increased by a lot. Over here in Germany you have cars and trucks overtaking you on the same lane with 90+ km/h. It’s proper madness.

If you ask me those folks should loose their license for a year and their first offense. Permanent on their second offense. Camera footage should be allowed in court (which is currently not) to get those idiots of the road.

Unfortunately, we cyclists don’t have much of a lobby. So nothing will change. Actually quite the contrary. Car drivers seem to become more reckless year by year.


You are exactly right about that! Maybe with more people becoming cyclists with Covid19, we will at least get some more awareness. I just know that the local governing authorities and most people just blame us for being on a road made for cars which is sad. That is actually one of my goals of the channel, to raise cycling awareness and safety in my area. I may make a few other videos focused towards drivers and how they should handle cyclist when driving.

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I am actually surprised to hear that about Germany, I would think with cycling being more common there, you would have more strict laws against those who are driving. You are right about the lobbying aspect of it. I hope to at least influence my local government to the awareness of cyclist and hope to maybe influence more.


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Penalties are a joke here. Wet dream of every car fanatic.

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Thanks mate.


Thanks for posting this. I’m still recovering (nearly ready to get back in the saddle) after being hit by a car 7 weeks ago and knocked out cold / broken ribs other ‘issues’ etc.

I’m actually quite nervous about the prospect but until now I haven’t even admitted that to myself never mind to anyone else.

You film is helpful - thanks :+1:


Great video, thank you for sharing!


Thanks for Sharing your story. I’m often puzzled by the lack of details surrounding bike and vehicular accidents. You always hear the story that something happened, but rarely if ever a good analytical description of “HOW” it happened, unless you personally know the person who got in an accident and survived. they can tell the story, certainly, but all to often I’m interested in the details about how it happened so as to take measures to prevent that from happening to me but reporters of those stories generally don’t go there, from my experience. I’m curious, HOW did the lady who hit you not see you? what was she doing? Texting or some other distracted driving behaviors?

Just take it slow and baby steps to get back on the bike. Definitely start with something basic like a designated bike path.

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That is a great question. She said she never saw me although the road was straight for a couple miles. I am 99 percent sure she was texting. She told me she was messing with her phone charger and then changed her story with the police and said she was messing with her cruise control. So she was texting and never even looked up for that straight away of road.

I got left hooked (UK) by a 16 seater minibus in Jan 2013. It overtook me then slammed on and turned, leaving me pressed up against the rear window going round the corner with it.
Just as I thought I was just taking a detour my back wheel slipped and I went under it with the rear wheels going over my legs.

It was my wife’s birthday and was going through IVF at the time. I spent 10 week in bed with nurses coming to change my dressings.

I still have mild panic attacks now when I hear car horns or emergency sirens. For months I was reaching for a seatbelt when I started my rides. I had a friend that was kind enough to sit behind me just a touch outside into the traffic to protect me.

I don’t think the feelings will ever go away but you learn to cope with them.

I rode past the same spot this week at about 25mph when the road was clear and I must have looked over my shoulder 20 times in 200 metres.


WOW! you mean the cops never checked her cell phone? If she was texting the time stamps would incriminate her right then and there. That’s one of the first things they do here in Illinois when you are involved in an accident and if you have texts that were sent around the time of the accident you are nailed!! Makes me sick to think about your accident. So Lucky and blessed to be alive. Thank God for that miracle and that you were not hurt worse. If you were cruising at 23mph or more, then her impact at 70 would be more like 50 or less but even at those speeds that is unimaginable. Ride On Brother! Ride On!!


thanks for sharing, just bought a mirror to help protect me. This is why I indoor 90% of the time and am so thankful for TR. I really do love biking outdoors, but it is the most dangerous thing I do even though it is good for me.

I like the Idea of the white light when riding solo, have to read the rule book for here in the UK :slight_smile: I think GCN did a survey or followed up on a some research that says if you but the lights on your ankles as they move they are more likely to get noticed. I ride with a strobe on the front during daylight hours and definitely felt a bit more noticed

I always stare at the drivers when I am unsure about their behaviour.

I’ve been bounced off a number of times over the years. Right turned on in a filter lane, left hooked by a car thinking he would be quicker than me (four stitches and a few rear teeth.

near miss yesterday when a car stopped quickly which stopped the biker which in turn stopped me and my two mates on a massive downhill. we all skidded past the bike and I skidded past the car.

I reflected later on who was in the wrong and came to conclusion just we were going to fast for the situation.

I have a question and I am not trying to spark a debate but if you want to reach out privately that’s okay.
@BlackWaterCyclist @dsirrom @PCP

How do you feel about the driver?

Spent many years bike commuting in London. Had powerful Exposure lights front and back that were easily visible in daylight. For riding in the dark I added on a flashing helmet light with both front and rear, plus some blue LED lights that attached to the spokes so that my wheels looked like a Tron bike and were fully visible from all angles. Plus a rucksack with a neon yellow cover and reflective strips.

Still had plenty of incidents of people pulling out in front of me, cutting me off, passing so close that they clipped me with their wing mirror, etc. But never had anybody claiming they hadn’t seen me! Though maybe it’s even more troubling to think that they saw me but simply decided that getting to the next traffic jam 5 seconds quicker was more important than my life…

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