Singapore bans large groups of cyclists

What the actual hell…max number of riders is 10, riding two abreast. If you are riding single file, max number of 5.

Recipe for disaster.


I don’t like riding in groups, particularly larger than what is proposed there. So would be interesting to see the long term results.

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Fines will also be given for … not riding as close as possible to the side of the road

i mean you could just make the roads safer through infrastructure changes and give people the ability to have fun and get healthy outside but bringing out the ban hammer works too i guess??

i thought the US was hostile to cyclist, geez


FWIW the only scenes of ‘road rage’ (horn honking, yelling at cyclists) I’ve seen have been on 55mph 2-lane county highways when 10-30 people ‘take a lane’ and form several echelons. Between the width and length of cyclists doing ~25mph (half the speed), that makes it nearly impossible for cars to safely pass.

^ gut reaction. Without thinking about it, and with my safety hat on, it seems like there is a thread of logic behind that decision.

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The headline max group size of 10 actually seems fairly sensible to me. Outside of races I don’t think groups bigger than that on busy roads are particularly good for cyclist-driver relations, certainly most of the clubs in our area would split a group of that size. The quote you’ve highlighted, plus forcing cyclists to ride single file on smaller roads, are much more misguided. Cycling single file or riding in the gutter often just encourages drivers to make dangerously close passes.


Doesn’t seem an unreasonable policy to m.
Not riding too close to the curb sounds a bit more questionable.


The max group size…to be honest I have no real issue with…the close to curb policy is BAD!