Help after second training ride

I recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr Snap and signed up for trainerroad with the intention to lose weight and get in better shape. I have been riding outside three or more days for couple months and just adding miles weekly (now long day 30 miles in 2 hours average and other days 20 average).
I started the base phase and Kickr is responding but I may be riding wrong, so…

I start and to keep my power even with the goal (warm-up) I end up spinning about 40 rpm and each phase/increase after is I guess based on the slow spinning to keep my levels even.

At the required levels at best I end up with a 80-90 average rpm but the pedal resistance is fairly and then really heavy for normal pedaling (not counting the resting phase which ends up back so slow I have to be around 40 rpm to meet the required.

The 5 second bursts at the resistance has me pushing so hard that the tire is spinning on the trainer even after the initial 2 turns tightness and adding another 1/2 turn due to my legs pushing past the resistance so hard. This in turn causes me to have a long time of free spin after for the pedals to catch up to the rear tire speed.

Should I start at a faster rpm and maybe the trainer will lower the pressure to get the required power goal? Am I starting too slow which is causing the issue?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

It may be that’s you are not riding it correctly. See this post and video, along with the related comments after that can help.

I watched the video and it was right on where I needed help. Thank you as I know for tomorrow’s ride what to do better.

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Good deal. Let us know if you have more questions after your next ride.