Helmets with good ventilation, non-continuous forehead pads

I have a Kask Utopia that I use for racing and fast road / cooler whether. I am looking for a helmet with similar pads as the utopia (2 vertical strips starting from above the eyebrows) rather than the conventional horizontal pad. I find this harbours too much sweat in the heat or while climbing and air flow is poor.

What you got?

LOL…saw the thread title and was jumping in to say Kask Utopia!!

Dunno what else is out there with a similar design, but the Utopia pad configuration has ruined the idea of a horizontal sweat pad in the front of a helmet for me. Completely unnecessary.

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It looks like the Kask Valegro is another option, a climbers lid with a removable forehead pad (which then makes the padding more Utopia-esque). Might give this a go…

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