Aero vs vented helmet for the bald

On a TR podcast coach Chad tangentially touches on the subject of sun marks / skull caps and heat control. Then there is the drag savings on top of that too, but I am not too worried about that right now. No road / tri racing plans at the moment.

I have a tendency to prefer well vented helmets and now I am almost voluntarily bald :slight_smile: so I wear a skull cap, bandana or cycling cap to protect my head from the sun while cycling. The TR podcast got me thinking: would it be better alternative to wear one of those aero road helmets (not the TT version) that cover your head from like 99% of the sun?

I am thinking something like the abus gamechanger or the limar airspeed might do the trick.

Any experiences or thoughts?


I am follicularly challenged, and have accepted the bald headed lifestyle. I far prefer an aero helmet AND a skull cap (because without hair, sweat just pours off my head). I almost never have cooling issues, and find the skull cap actually helps wick away a lot of heat. My go-to helmet is this Rudy project Volantis model, as I far prefer a visor over traditional glasses.

Rudy Project Volantis Helmet - White/Black (Matte) | BIKE24


As I’ve reached the ripe old age of 40, I think there’s more hair growing out of my ears than on my head :rofl::exploding_head::grimacing:

The Specialized Evade II has been my go to helmet…I figure the aero advantage can’t hurt, and it helps avoid a scalp sunburn. I’ve worn it for 8+ hours in 90+F heat and been fine.


I have full head of hair but have also been using Buff since before I can remember to catch sweat before it rolls into my eyes.


Doesn’t really address the helmet, but for sweat I thought these were going to be a gimmick, but they work.

I do like the skull cap for most rides because of sun protection, but Have an ~8hour race in the heat coming up where I’ll probably use those.

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I wear a vented helmet when its cloudy or early in the morning when the sun is not overhead, otherwise in full sun in wear an aero helmet. Shull caps or cycling caps under the helmet are much warmer than just using a aero helmet.

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Bald on top for 20ish years. I run hot so I use a vented helmet and sunscreen if it’s sunny (Pacific NW, so it’s a crap shoot). I make sure to put the sunscreen on a good 15+ minutes before the ride, so it soaks in and doesn’t end up dripping into my eyes. Only put on a beanie under the helmet once it starts cooling down.

It would be interesting to see a bike helmet set up like ski helmets, that have adjustable vents. Very handy when skiing in variable conditions – hot, open up a vent; cool, shut the vent.


Thanks everyone. Very interesting insights from this community, as I expected.
I guess l have to try an aero helmet, looking for one that protects the dome from the sun.