Heart rate variability [impact from tea]

Hello everyone. Recently I’ve started drinking chamomile tea, before going to bed, and have noticed, from day one, that my heart rate variability(HRV) has increased. Even when doing really hard events, were I would normally expect decreased variability, my HRV has been in the normal range. Is there any evidence that increased HRV is caused by chamomile tea and, if so, is it of benefit to my recovery and therefore training?

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Appears there is actually a paper on the subject…


These findings suggest that Chamomile tea slightly increases parasympathetic activity, leading to an increase in heart rate variability (HRV) and a decrease in stress level. It can influence beneficial the human cardiovascular health.


Title: Effects of Chamomile Tea on Heart Rate Variability and Stress Index

  • Chamomile tea is known for its health benefits, including relaxation and anxiety reduction.
  • Researchers are interested in its effects on heart rate variability (HRV), a measure linked to various health outcomes.
  • Previous studies have shown a reduction in stress-related cortisol levels after chamomile tea consumption.
  • Some evidence suggests chamomile tea increases HRV:
    • A study on healthy adults revealed an increase in HRV after chamomile tea consumption.
    • Another study on patients with type 2 diabetes also showed increased HRV post-consumption.
  • Limited research exists on chamomile tea’s effects on HRV and stress levels in the elderly, making this study relevant.
  • The study examined a 61-year-old man, measuring HRV before and after consuming chamomile tea.
  • HRV measurements were taken under basal conditions before and one hour after tea intake.
  • Results indicate a slight decrease in stress index, LF/HF ratio, and Poincaré SD1 after chamomile tea consumption.
  • No significant change was observed in the readiness index.
  • Conclusion: Chamomile tea slightly increases parasympathetic activity, enhancing HRV and reducing stress levels, potentially benefiting cardiovascular health.

Key Takeaway: Chamomile tea consumption may lead to improved heart rate variability and decreased stress levels, offering potential cardiovascular health benefits.