Heart rate sits high despite fitness?

During an FTP test my heart rate reaches within 5% of my max within a couple of minutes. It then sits around this level for the rest of the effort. Is this normal? I am relatively well trained and spent 4-6 weeks doing base rides in march-April. Looking at others data, it looks like their heart rate seldom goes near their max. Mine goes pretty close quite quickly, and is also very quick to recover. Anything to worry about?

  • I have little info to add, but it would help others to know exactly which format of FTP test you are discussing here. Ex: 1 x 20-minute, 2 x 8-minute, TR or Zwift Ramp Tests, Kolie Moore, etc.
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Sorry should have included more info. 1x20 min. My max heart rate is 205. During the effort my heart rate sits at 190-195 for the majority

My last TT my HR went up quickly to just over 90% for an hour peaking at 95% its the same with my other TTs. From what Ive seen of other TTers its pretty normal your HR.

Normal for me on last two 20 minute tests. Average HR was 163bpm and 164bpm on 175 max HR. Ending HR on those two were 169bpm and 170bpm.

Quite the opposite. This is a sign of a well-trained aerobic energy system - HR ramps up quickly and recovers quickly. Where it settles out is individual but being near 90% during a 20 minute test is not unusual.

My max is 208, and around FTP I can run anywhere from 185-193ish (unless it’s hot, then all bets are off of course), which is 88-92% MHR. For some reason lately even in sweetspot intervals I’ve seen it run in the 180s, even sometimes 190s, although I’ve carried considerably less fitness the last few months. I’ve been thinking for some time about going to a cardiologist and getting checked out for mitral regurgitation, but I’ve also just always run really high heart rates (which I guess doesn’t preclude a leaky valve). I’m 29 for reference.
Comes up fairly quick (a minute or two?) and then I see a decent amount of cardiac drift, generally recovers fairly quickly as well.