Heart rate showing threshold during SS workouts

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I’m on the midst of my second run in SSB, power-wise the workouts seem a bit easier this time so I’ve been bumping up the intensity by up to 5%. I’ve noticed that this is resulting in my HR hanging in threshold for about 40% of the time, albeit it around 5-10 points only.

I’m worried that even though my power may say I’m still in SS, my HR being in threshold shows that my body is in a completely different zone for most of the time. Is this what’s going on here or am I reading too much into it? Here’s a link to my most recent workout for a good example of what I’m experiencing: Log In to TrainerRoad.


What do your legs say? I can really feel de difference in SS and threshold. For me, SS is no burn in the legs but you do feel like you’re putting in the effort. Threshold you should feel that burn just a little but it won’t “fill” your legs.
If that’s the case I would go with your power meter. There are plenty of reasons why your HR could be up (or down). That’s why most people who get a power meter start ignoring their HR monitor.

HR is affected by a number of things, but it’s risen because you’ve increased the intensity. 5% could be very little or a lot depending on the numbers you’re hitting for sweet spot.
FWIW, I wouldn’t try and match both HR & PWR to there zones, e.g zone 2 for both.

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It’s not uncommon to have zones overlap from my experience. The why is harder to nail down because HR is less affected by training than power. I think most likely if you are new to training, and/or new to training with power or HR it has a lot to do with how you test FTP and LTHR. The TR ramp test might do well to find a value to set power zones while using the program but, I wouldn’t necessarily say it finds a LTHR in parallel. The more untrained the more the two values might differ. Just my hunch.

And/or you are just aerobically untrained.

And/or you are overreached or getting sick or just fatigued.


Yes. This. Before building a big aerobic base (often many seasons) it is relatively common for HR zones to be a touch higher than power zones. I would go as for to say that a better match between your power zone and HR zones shows an improvement in your aerobic ability.

Of course as normal you need to also take into account the external factors that can skew HR, fatigue, illness, heat, diet (caffeine, alcohol), stress, sleep etc, sounds like these is a lot to consider but the more you track and learn about yourself the more meaningful HR becomes.

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How did you set your LTHR? How long ago was it tested?

I’ve come to see that my HR has gone down significantly since doing SSBMV I and during it. Now I’m usually in tempo-range with my HR when doing SS-work. Even at the higher percentages. But still. 96-99% threshold will get my HR up to threshold. Even the higher end of SS-work will get it up just a beat or two into threshold-zone 4 of 5.

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