Heart Rate Recovery (HRRec)


It’s been a while since I used TR, I am sure there was a session which calculated Heart Rate Recovery.

Is that available, and where do I find it ?

Maybe this one?

LSCT Warmup

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Possibly, I’ll give it a try this evening. I found it in my history

I’m not sure what you do with it but www.intervals.icu reports your HRR.

Yes, there is a HRR chart in intervals.icu, but no idea what the data means.

My thinking is HRR is a one-off measurement of how many BPM your heart reduces in 60 seconds from a max threshold. i.e. if it was 160 and It’s still 160 after 60 seconds you in trouble !

You can enter HRR in intervals.icu as a static number so the HRR cart makes no sense to me

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He probably just made typo, actual field in activity view is called HRRc

Bottom graph (Heartrate) shows where exactly this measurement was taken, intervals.icu uses highest drop over all workout.

EDIT (after @hubba’s post):

On Settings page, this last number sets minimum HR from which intervals.icu bothers to measure HRRc

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The number you enter is minimum hr from which HRR is calculated. Usually it’s about threshold hr.