Heart rate reads low while out of the saddle

Curious if anyone else is having this issue…
I have a new Wahoo Tickr and most of the time I get out of the saddle it gradually reads lower then when I sit back down it immediately spikes back up to reality. I have used the old version of the Wahoo Tickr and it didn’t seem to have this problem. This occurs even hours into a ride so I don’t think it’s a sweat conductivity issue. New battery. Firmware updated. Fairly tight fit. Not connected to other devices.
Seated, 200w, HR 135
OTS (30sec) 260w, HR 134, 133, 132, 131
Seated again, 200w, HR immediately 150

Could it simply be heart rate lag for the work out of the saddle? It’s pretty common to see lag like this for me.

Any chance you can post a screen shot of a workout with this showing?

One thought that might not apply, but worth mentioning is that HR drop could be a result of a drop in cadence when standing. This assumes you are applying typical practice to stand in the 60-70rpm range vs seated at the 80-100rpm range. Lower cadence tends to lead to lower HR (all else being equal). I see HR drop a bit when standing, but depends a lot on the relative effort and power.


Except for experimenting with sensor placement and belt tension… sounds like a case for Wahoo support

Edit: If it fits, try the old belt with the new device.

if it immediately jumps from say 131 to 150 upon sitting down again, I’d call Wahoo and get it replaced.

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