Heart Rate Indoors vs Outdoors

I’ve noticed that for whatever reason, it seems I’m able to push my heart rate higher riding outdoors than indoor.

As an example, I recently did a V02 max session where the intervals are 3 mins at about 120 to 115% of FTP. Heart rate topped out at around 155 and I felt like I just couldn’t get enough air. After 4 intervals I backed it down to 90-95%.

But yesterday I went on a ride and really pushed over 6 minutes. Heart rate peaked at 166 but I didn’t feel as out of breath. I’ve also noticed overall I can hit a higher heart rate outdoors than indoors over the

Just sort of weird… what’s going on?

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Thanks for the links to the other threads, I’ll read through. I also think it might have something to do with distraction. I"m more into the feeling of wind, motion and going fast outdoors. Inside, even with music or something on TV, it’s tough not to look at the numbers.

same for me, but indoor it makes a difference if Kicker Headwind is 1m away or directly in front of me (then i can go higher) and of course outdoor when climbing, i reach HR i never can get indoor

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I have second fan on order. It comes today. We’ll see if it makes any difference…