Cadence / Power - Indoor vs outdoors

This is my first winter training seriously indoors. I decided to do some sweet spot outdoors today and was pretty surprised at the differences vs indoor sessions.

Cadence outdoors is much higher - 95 rpm average, on the static trainer I have to focus to acheive this and typically sit at 85.

RPE for sweet spot outdoors is very high, on the indoor trainer my heart rate is about 10bpm lower, this could be linked to my increased cadence?
Consensus seems to be that its easier to push high watts outdoors. I’m using the same power / cadence source as indoor training which typically reads 10 watts higher than the kickr - so outdoors should be easier still?
Has anyone else experienced similar?

Cadence and power are higher while RPE is lower outside. Same PM in/out. Still collecting HR data…

Your cadence inside is 10 rpm lower, and your HR is 10 bmp lower, which makes perfect sense and is a common correlation (higher cadence leads to higher HR).

What gearing are you using on the trainer?
How hilly or flat is your outside riding?

Yeah, I get the correlation with cadence / hr just found it strange that I default to such a high cadence.
I’m riding in erg mode exclusively and the roads are rolling here so I guess my hr fluctuates more as a result which leads to an increase in RPE?

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Yeah, I could see that being something affecting RPR. I know that and my respiration can both influence that in some situations.