Inside vs. Outside climbing (HR vs RPE)

So this winter, I’m focusing on getting better/faster at climbing. With this in mind, I’m adding in Hill/Climbing workouts into my indoor training.

I’ve just completed Holt Hill (Holt Hill totals over 70 minutes of Tempo intervals spent between 70-80% FTP with intermittent, 3-minute recoveries)

I’m using virtual power as I don’t have a power meter but was thinking about RPE - I would rate my effort for this workout at 6 ~ with an average HR of 112 and a Max. 130 _ the hit my max with the seated standing transitions within the workout.

So my question is, when I’m climbing outside on sustained climbs, my HR is around the 150 mark - so would I gain more stimulus if I turned the workouts up to match my HR and RPE that I would expect outside?.