Heart Rate high for Sweet Spot

I suppose it is, cannot figure any other reason myself. I did ride 40min at 328w average few weeks ago and felt like could have done an hour, had to stop due time constrains. That was outside, so little bit apples and oranges. Also last ramp test I felt great, so that might have been just a fast day.
Thanks for the help and confirming my suspicions, I’ll drop my ftp by 10w or so.


I’ve been having a similar experience lately on SSB HV, although it’s a bit of a calculated move I may back away from. I haven’t been lowering intensity and I’m completing all workouts through week 3, but this time around my HR is higher than it generally is during sweet spot (in the past longer intervals I’d stay under just under 160, now getting to mid 160s) and my legs start to feel the burn toward the end of 60mins of time in zone. For now I’m just going with it because it’s SSB1 and less demanding than SSB2, and I’m curious to see if working at a little higher but doable area is any different from my prior experiences where I’m feeling fresh as a daisy for even the most demanding stuff, so it’s a bit of a calculated risk.

But I’d agree with the comment above that you might want to back off if you truly can’t do the stuff without modification and I’m definitely going to have to think about it for the last couple of weeks of SSB which have 20min intervals and are really going to get more demanding.

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I think I could have done the the Geiger +2 as it was but it would have been quite an workout, surely next few days would have been only for recovery, didn’t seem that purposefully. I’ve tried SSB1 HV once 1,5 years ago, couldn’t do it fully, it was hard. The rest week felt really nice after that. Bounced back to SSB2 MV after that, for me it feels like there is quite a jump between MV and HV.

I’d say that’s on the higher side. Even while not knowing anything else about you, statistically speaking this is probably more in your high threshold to even low vo2 range. Being that it felt hard but doable means you may have been pretty fresh with minimal fatigue from recent efforts from days prior. But to repeat this for a few days straight or even week after week will begin to wear you down. But if you have a lot of fitness to gain, this was probably a good ride for you. Shoot for a HR in the lower 160’s for consistent sweet spot and work to get more minutes in, in that range.

I can definitely see why you’d think the 331W FTP estimate from the ramp test was reasonable then!

Since you mentioned your indoor setup has sufficient cooling, I can only imagine it coming down to how steady the 40min was + your anaerobic capacity being good, and/or your TTE @ actual FTP being a fair bit longer. Either way dropping by 10W and seeing how it goes sounds like a decent plan, good luck and let us know how it goes :+1:

Will do, thanks!

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