3x20 SS is no joke

I mean it’s under threshold so it must be easy right?

That’s what I thought until the last interval. Glad I didn’t bail but I really wanted to.

Anyways, my heart rate was (170/198) , (175/198) , (178/198) for each of the intervals. Is this normal? Too high?


What was your cadence?

Cadence was 89, 91, 94.

It was increasing due to my fluid trainer heating up.

Sounds higher than usual but as long as it’s relative to you that’s all that matters

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3x20 is okay (at 92 - 94%) once you get use to it even with 1 - 3 minutes between intervals.
Straight 60 minute SST for me today followed directly by 5.5 minutes at Threshold.


To be more helpful, what is your Bike MHR?
Cadence looks okay, I assume that is around your normal self selected cadence.

What percentage of your FTP are you doing the intervals?

I was doing Eclipse so it was running through the whole sweet spot range.

My preferred cadence tops around 90 but since I don’t have a smart trainer, I’m stuck with my gearing.

Just so we understand you, does (175/198) mean your min/max for the interval, avg/max, for the interval, or avg/all time max HR.

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Got it.

I’d say your HR for those efforts is higher than average but probably nothing to be alarmed about. Just means your FTP is a higher % of your pVO2max compared to average.

Had your cadence been something like 105-110, I’d say maybe slow it down a few ticks.

What is your LTHR? 198 or is that your max?

Funny you should post about this, i had 3x15min this morning and had similar experience.

Mine were 3x15min @ 91% w/5min rest between.
Interval 1: AvgHR154, Max 163, Pw:HR 7.72%, EF 1.69
Interval 2: AvgHR162, Max 168, Pw:HR 6.37%, EF 1.60
Interval 3: AvgHR 164 Max 170, Pw:HR 6.12%, EF 1.58

The weird part was RPE didn’t increase between sets, despite HR clearly climbing between them. I think in-ride fuelling had a lot to do with that as I basically took in 90g of carbs and ~350cal in the hour that the intervals took place. Did the remainder of the ride for 45min @z2 endurance pace on just water.

Interesting. I did Eclipse on Sunday and my highest heart rate was 142. It was difficult but didn’t break me.

Is your max 142? Helps to put it into perspective.

@Stringwise lol Gawd I hope my max isn’t 142. My max is around 182 I think. How does one accurately arrive at thier max HR?

My most recent Eclipse workout was in September. The avg hr during the last interval was 138. That puts me @ ~97% of lthr. Mind you, that is not a scientifically tested lthr, just what I’ve observed during training. My cadence ranged from 88-93 across all three work blocks.
HR is so unique and individual and susceptible to outside influence. How was your sleep? Had you ingested caffeine? Coming down with a cold? Those are all things that can noticeably affect hr for a given workload.
Have you noticed a trend in your hr during different workouts? Normally during an ftp workout my hr is 141-144 if I’m doing an ftp workout and notice that it’s a lot higher than that I’ll likely back off and either switch workouts or skip the day assuming I either need more recovery or I’m about to get sick.

You absolutely bury yourself. I’ve seen this on ramp tests before and during crit races when implosion has occurred.
Usually followed by taste of blood in mouth and desire to vomit.

It’s a good number to know because you will notice it change at sea level vs. elevation, and similiar to a red line in a car is a good warning if you are getting close that the effort is not sustainable.

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Wait for Wright Peak 3x30


Hunter for me today, very doable. HR 146, 146, 150 so 83 to 85% of HRm. Quite manageable with a good TV show to watch.

If your MaxHR is 198 that doesn’t seem too bad. Assuming your HR was going up to ~100% LT HR, but that is a big guess from my side of the keyboard.