Headphones on the Road

Electrodes to the genitalia.


I was recently rear ended on the freeway in my car, in traffic, during morning rush hour, and I had my emergency flashers on (I tend to do that when I am in the back of the line). Guy never even hit the brakes, claiming he fell asleep.

If they aren’t paying attention, nothing you do is going to change that. My typical commute is on the side of a busy 55 MPH road.

I have actually reversed my position on car automation; I no longer want it. I want the most basic car I can get. The car that hit me had auto emergency braking, and clearly none of the driver aids worked as I watched him in my rear view approach me with nothing I could do (and he froze up when he noticed me). Give me my manual transmission, no electronics car please!


Like a lot of AI questions, I get the sense that the experts in the field are a lot more skeptical about the prospects of fully autonomous vehicles “in the wild” than the folks in the auto and journalism industries. Check out the amazing Dr Ayanna Howard on this topic sometime: Ayanna Howard: Human-Robot Interaction & Ethics of Safety-Critical Systems | Lex Fridman Podcast #66 - YouTube

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I think it was Carlton Reid who pointed out that programming AVs to be fully “safe” in an urban environment would basically render them unusable because no one is going to stand on the side of the road in the rain waiting for a break in traffic if they can just step into the road and make traffic stop. (Which is pretty illustrative of how our current traffic laws are essentially predicated on the threat of violence.)

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Is anybody here capable of providing a review of how this fits with their helmet (and what helmet)?? Seems like it could get pretty messy with sunglasses, helmet straps, and rear retention systems.

This sounds perfect frankly. Car defer to pedestrians, 100% of the time. If car owners become overly frustrated with that, they can easily become pedestrians (or cyclists).

Why would we purposely design a society where humans stand out in the rain afraid to move 50’ for fear of getting murdered by people in 70 degree F vehicles?


Jesus. I hope you’re okay.

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I use a set of Bluetooth earbuds (the kind with a wire connecting the two sides, not like airpods). I tuck the wire into the rear retention strap of my helmet so it’s out of the way. No fuss

Pro riders use team radios with earpieces, not more messy than that

I’m not sure if anyone mentioned this but AirPods pro has a “transparency” mode that allows external noise to pass-through the earbuds. It works extremely well and as long as you don’t have the music too loud it feels like you aren’t wearing anything. I also pair this with a Garmin Varia to be extra cautious


I used Aftershokz with a number of helmets (Evade II, Aro5, Synthe) with no issues.

However, it was always warm. I don’t know how you could use them in the winter with a cap on covering your ears (unless they work through the cap?)

I prefer my AirPods Pro over them, TBH.

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With just a helmet they work without problem. With a balaclava, it takes just a second to arrange things so that it feels good. So either way, no issue.

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How did you get the Varia to alert you on the headphones?

I have a Garmin 830 and I can get the unit to “Beep” when the Varia detects a car and also the Garmin Edge 830 gives me navigation instructions through the headphones but it is impossible to get the “Car Alert Beep” through headphones.

I asked the same question and it happens for him because he’s using a non-garmin head unit.

Its ridiculous to me that a Non-Garmin unit has better features than a Garmin unit when working with a Garmin Radar Light…

I’m not a fan of headphones while riding on the road. I feel like I use my hearing for cars around me and don’t want that impaired. The drivers where I live are notoriously bad drivers and very distracted.

That being said, on solo rides or small groups, I use a small Bluetooth speaker on my handlebars. I have a Buckshot 2.0 It works pretty well. The sound isn’t great but it does a good job of giving you some music without cutting off the ability to hear cars when doing hill repeats or something equally tough.

It’s more that Karoo supports bluetooth audio, and garmin does not.

Crumple zones. I was in a lot of pain, but nothing broken. Still working through rehab, but a month out and I am almost back to where I was before. Just no upper body strength right now.

The rear hatch was pushed to where the back seat should be.

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