Dear Cyclist, this is why non-cyclists don’t like you

I ride a lot, and I drive a vehicle frequently. Maybe I’m paying more attention to other cyclists, but I seem to have noticed an increase in them using the lane of traffic when the shoulder is perfectly useable. Why is this? Why assume that risk? It’s perfectly legal in my state, but doesn’t this put the cyclists at an extreme risk?

I was in my car this morning and saw this gentleman using almost half of the right lane. I slowed down to match his speed, and waited to pass.

Even as a fellow cyclist this is incredibly annoying. When I see this I understand why my non-cyclist in-laws complain about cyclists.

Edit 1: I have ridden this stretch many times and I almost never ride in the lane unless I have to make way for a parked car on the shoulder. It’s not an ideal shoulder in the sense that it’s deteriorated chip seal.

Edit 2: I realize that I used the words “incredibly annoying” and in hindsight I wasn’t actually annoyed, but more so perplexed that he wouldn’t ride the shoulder and understood how non-cyclists could find this annoying during rush hour.

Edit 3: I realize that taking a photo while driving is a dangerous act and demonstrates a lack of safe driving; in hindsight wasn’t worth the risk to make a point or observation.


Hard to tell for sure from the pic, but the road surface looks like crap and I bet the area to the right of the nearly non-existant white line is full of rocks/debris/Fireball bottles.


you certainly can cross double yellow to pass cyclists, I believe that’s an allowable situation


This is a random guess, but if that is cedar lake road in saint louis park, MN, can confirm the shoulder is atrocious. That said, riders need to understand that people hate us, and the the best way to convert them to indifference is to be considerate of them. As such, this rider should be aware that someone is behind him and bite the bullet to let you pass, especially on a busy road.


I’m a cyclist as well and find this annoying. Why antagonize people? That shoulder looks just as rideable as the pot-holed street does.


I hear you…

But maybe they got buzzed 1 too many times and wanted to take the lane to hopefully avoid that?

Maybe they saw lots of debris to the right and didn’t want a flat on the way to work?

Maybe they know they can take the lane legally so they do?



If it is in MN, the shoulders in the spring in the metro area are generally riddled with debris from winter (along with the pot holes). It can be hard for drivers to see all the glass shards and whatnot, so I think it is best to give riders the benefit of the doubt when they are in the driving lane.


I live in MN. Another easy option is to ride in the street and then just move to the shoulder to let cars pass and then continue on. I know I’m in the minority here, but I think common courtesy to people in something that could take me out instantly is a good idea. There is a contingent of cyclists that enjoy annoying drivers. That’s fine. I’d rather be alive than correct about whether or not I can legally take up a whole lane when there is a perfectly fine shoulder to use.


One can be angry about 2 things at once of course…but why be aggravated about a harmless cyclist when 99% of cars drive around 99% of the time refusing to follow the most basic of road laws (speed limits, signaling, tints, stop signs), endangering the lives of everyone in their community, and causing 40,000 fatalities a year in the US.

The whole car vs bike debate is the definition of false equivalency.


No I totally agree - this is almost exactly what I said in my first comment. Even if it is dirty, pot holed, etc., one should be aware they are slowing down traffic and go into the shoulder for a couple of seconds to let people pass. I was only commenting on whether one ought to be annoyed when they see a rider in the road in general. Whether that is cedar lake road or not, I have been in this very situation many times, and always get over as soon as it is safe to do so.


Motorists can also cross a double yellow line to the left side of the roadway to pass a bicycle going in the same direction when it is safe to do so , Minnesota Statute 169.18, Subdivision 5, and: (c) …


I don’t think you’re in the minority regarding courtesy, but you’re also in a forum of cyclists who see things differently than the average driver. Go read some reddit threads if you don’t believe me :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Cyclists I know (myself included) would typically give more room for the driver to pass. I will also give the cyclist here the benefit of the doubt regarding road conditions and assume they didn’t feel comfortable moving over here.

@hubcyclist Here in MA/CT, but I routinely get passed by cars when there’s a double yellow. If there’s no oncoming traffic, and the right of the white line is full of debris (as is often the case), I’ll stay as close as safely possible to the white line. I’m not pulling over in a pile of glass shards.


Might we ask why you’re taking pictures while driving a vehicle 30’ behind a human?


Because this kind of selfish behavior only intensifies the dislike many drivers feel towards cyclists. And probably goes a long way to adding new haters to their camp. It puts those of us that try to be courteous riders and share the road at much greater risk.


For me, riding in the shoulder tends to leave just about enough room for a car to squeeze by, which they will do when there’s not really enough room to pass safely.

If i ride in the center of the lane, I am not able to be passed unless it is actually safe to do so. I’m tired of being knocked off, clipped, and close passes.


I vehemently disagree. You cannot please drivers; it’s an impossible task.

If you look at drivers, and think about their actions when behind the wheel, I mean REALLY think about it, the only logical conclusion one can come to is they are sociopaths, virtually all of them. You cant reason with a sociopath, you can’t make them happy…they dont fee anything for the other people in their society, and the welfare of others does not factor into their decision making. Cyclists, regardless of their actions, will never be looked at in any light other than a nuisance, until we have a dramatic culture change in the US.


“Shoulder” Baaahahaha. Here in the UK thats a 2-lane each way road. Dual carriageway!


You are correct. The shoulder is basically a class 5 gravel road. That said, I ride this stretch occasionally and still make sure to ride the white line or on the shoulder. Only taking the lane when I know it’s clear.


Ok. Anything you say from this point on is ignored.

And if you want to put yourself in harms way to prove a point or because you’re too stubborn that is on you. I know that when I ride a bike I am not winning against a car, and I ride assuming that no car will yield to me, see me, or care that I’m on “their” road—and that’s fine.

I personally ride in a way that hopefully doesn’t fuel the hate for cyclists.

This isn’t an argument on what’s legal, it’s about the perception that riding this way creates. Most people don’t know the laws and will assuming this cyclist is in the wrong. It also puts this man in a VERY dangerous position, why do that?


I sense this thread will get spicy :hot_pepper: since the Chad’s departure thread got locked :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: