Having trouble finishing Sprint workouts

Needs some training input…

I struggle with high intensity/VO2 max work out when they have to be repeated multiple times like Gardiner & Spanish needle. I fall apart half way thru them it seems or earlier thru these work outs and have to lower intensity just to finish or back pedal to many time (according to the workout txt no more then 2 back pedals then it’s time to lower intensity). I am in the big ring and middle of the cassette.

  1. I am in erg mode could I be putting out more power to early and burning my self out to soon.

  2. I struggle with keeping my cadence over 115-120? Workout says to stay at 110.

  3. should I search out these types of workouts and sprinkle them in more to help?

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Or a HTFU will do if that’s what is

No, not really. And a second here or there shouldn’t cause total burnout for the workout

Why are you trying to get your cadence this high if the workout doesn’t ask for it?

Stick to your prescribed workouts, assuming you’re following a plan. It’s not uncommon for some people to struggle with Vo2 work. If you’re consistently struggling/failing then I’d recommend dropping the intensity by 5% right at the beginning of the workout.

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Those are really hard workouts. I’ll bet the fail rate is very high across the user base.


Those are just very hard - I was struggling with them last year. I had a mental thing about riding in the basement in the spring when it’s nice out, and I find those types of workouts very hard on my wheel-on trainer. I’m not sure having a direct/smart trainer would make it any better but I always struggled getting the power up high enough in the amount of time. Then those quick recoveries vanished… you’re not alone. I would say lower your cadence and keep trying, fuel well, and skip/modify them if you haven’t slept well.

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workout says to stay above 110 and i can spin at 120 with out bouncing and it helps with trying to get to that power and hold it for the interval time & if the cadence drops the kicker will get really hard to pedal.