Have you had more success with polarization training?

In the past I’ve used regular training, low volume three times a week high intensity, sweetspot, threshold, and other training. Then interspersed with z2 training the rest of the days, keeping tss at 200-300 a week.
Recently planning to use polarized training with a focus on lots of z2, has anyone had great success with this plan. I’m not sure if I should set a medium or high volume compared to the regular program, regular training I get a lot of high intensity training after choosing medium and high which leads to eventual crashes on the ride. Not sure about high capacity for polarized training, just adds a lot of z2, maybe that suits me better.
Forgive my English, looking forward to your help!

I think a lot of athletes here on the TR Forum have had success with both Polarized Plans and Masters Plans. Each of those options has less intensity than the “standard” plans do, with more time spent riding at Endurance/Zone 2. Many athletes have found that capping their intensity days at 2x/week has helped them feel fresher throughout their training plan, which helps them stay more consistent.

I’d recommend starting out conservatively, even if you’ll be decreasing intensity by switching to a Polarized Plan. If you’ve been following a standard plan at Low Volume, then I think Low or Mid Volume would be a good starting point for a Polarized Plan. See how you respond for a few weeks. You can always increase volume later on!


Don’t forget if you do add volume, make sure you aim for the lower end of your z2 and ensure progressive load over the course of your plan.

I’ve found z2 a great and flexible way of increasing hrs on the bike and I find myself riding with more structure, even on club rides which is a win win as more hours spent on the bike is another way to move the needle on your fitness. There’s a valid argument for using heart rate over power for z2 which I subscribe to but the main thing is to measure your zones accurately

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