Has Sweet Spot Base LV II changed?

I loaded SSB LV II into my calendar a few weeks back. I was just looking at it and some of the sessions seemed unfamiliar to me so I checked the schedule of SSB LV II in the Training Plans section and it appears to be completely different to what’s in my calendar. As far as I’m aware Adaptive Training is still in beta, which I haven’t signed up for, so it can’t be the system which is changing my sessions. Any idea what is happening? Am I just going mad? :joy:

This shows weeks one and two in my calendar:

And this shows what’s in the training plan:

About two weeks ago there was a technical issue that changed all the plans for a day or two:

This might be related, especially if you added the plan to your calendar at that time.


I’ll add that the general recommendation was to delete the “updated” plan from your calendar, then add the original plan back in.

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Ah thanks, I’d missed that. Yep, I will delete and then re-add the plan.