Has anyone moved from a kinetic InRide 3.0 to a Powermeter?

I’m currently using a Kinetic Road Machine with the InRide 3.0 sensor. This is the third winter that I’m using this setup, and so far it has served me well. Then I started thinking about getting a Favero Assioma Uno, until I realized it would make more sense to get the Duo. I can afford it, but I’m finding it difficult to justify the expense. Here’s the reasoning:


  1. I don’t race, not even on Zwift;
  2. I don’t train outside (the majority of the time I’m either on fast group rides, or with friends who are less motivated than me to push);


  1. More precise training indoor on fluid trainer (actually I have an InRide 3.0 sensor)
  2. Pacing on long climbs (happening only in the summer months)

Has anyone switched from the Kinetic InRide 3.0 to a powermeter? How was your experience?